Healthy Competition: Libraries and print or visiting the clouds?


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Healthy Competition: Libraries and print or visiting the clouds?

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What is an eLibrary?

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Read the paragraph below and fill in the missing words. There are two words you do not need.

available      dispense      enables      enhancement      formats      scanned      seamless      versions      volunteer

An eLibrary is a set of documents that are through electronic means via digital technologies. It is a web-based system which you to search the database, view several categories of documents, view images of documents that you select, and have the documents printed, downloaded to your desktop, or saved on a CD.

An eLibrary includes:

·   Electronic of documents 

·   A description or index of documents 

·   Microfilm of documents 

·   Images of paper documents 

The eLibrary is the result of a combination and of the data and capabilities of several earlier systems. The system:

·   Adds enhanced and more powerful searches for documents.

·   Provides a interface to electronic filings.

·   Improves the ability to view large format maps.

·   Enables users to select from several for downloading documents.

·   Provides users with the ability to search the text of newly scanned documents that have been converted to PDF.

·   Enables users to request that documents be printed or downloaded to a CD.

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Read the questions, then discuss them with your peers.

Do you read every day?

What do you read?

Do you prefer reading from a device or would you rather read off paper? Why?

What digital reading devices do you read from?

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What do the experts say?

Click on Forbes and discover what neuroscience has to say about the dichotomy paper-based versus digital.

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Paper Beats Digital In Many Ways, According To Neuroscience

1. What does the research say about the connections in our brains with regards to paper content and advertisements? 

2. What has happened to places that used to print? 

3. What is the best way of dealing with the dichotomy?  

4. What type of study did TrueImpact carry out? 

5. What were the main standards evaluated in that study? 

6. What conclusions did Bangor University and Millward Brown reach?

7. The 2011 research project revealed... 

8. The study in Norway revealed...  

9. The conclusion therefore is...  

10. What is the best tactic for vendors?  

Now click on and read the perspectives from the University of Stavanger.

Do we read differently on paper than on a screen?

1. Are we reading more or less than before? 

2. What is the main feature that makes a reader lean towards one type of reading another? 

3. What is  "Deep Reading"?

4. What does E-READ do? 

5. Why is Maryanne Wolf relevant?