It Hit the News: Read All About It!


Enseñanzas Oficiales de Idiomas

Inglés Nivel Avanzado C1: Primer curso

Lesson 1


It Hit the News: Read All About It!


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DropDown Activity

Newspaper vocabulary

Choose the correct words for the phrases.


Renee Zellweger at the Oscars 2011

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a. The of the International New York Times is actually quite small - only 220,000 copies per day. However, its is obviously bigger as each one may be read by more than one person.

b. The Department of Justice has just issued a , explaining the new reforms.

c. According to the under the photo, that's Renny Zellweger - but it certainly doesn't look like her.

d. The latest of Hello magazine is now on sale.

e. Let's have a look at the in the paper so we can see what's on at the cinema.

f. Sir Thaddeus Jones has just died - his is in the paper.

g. He's - he tries to find out about scandals and secrets.

h. The of a paper contains in-depth explanations of the news stories.

i. The Guardian has got an - they were the only ones who found out about the story. 

j. At weekends, my newspaper comes with all sorts of - about travel, business, leisure time - even one for the crossword and sudokus.

k. In the US, a is a pejorative term for a writer, especially a bad one, while in the UK, many journalists used it to refer to themselves ironically.

l. You can find out the news online.

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Cloze Activity

You are going to hear six people talking about when they read the press and which part first. Listen and choose the correct answers. Write 0 in the options that are not needed.

1. 2.
3. 4. 
5. 6. 

When do they read it?

  Boy reading paper   

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Which part do they read first?
 On the way to work The obituaries
At lunchtime The sports
After work Foreign news
At weekends Travel supplement
At the start of the working day  Analysis section
In bed                    The crossword
Over breakfast Politics
At dinner TV listings
After a religious service

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