2. Photo editor

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You are going to listen to a radio interview of two photo editors. Listen and choose the correct answers. In some questions, more than one answer is possible.

1. Fern got a job in the photo department of a magazine __________.


a. via a friend.

b. through persistence

c. because she was seen by an agent.

d. by accident.



2. At first, Fern found the job __________.


a. glamorous.

b. exciting.

c. menial.

d. testing.



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3. According to Tom, to be a good photo editor, you need to __________.


a. learn from those who are already experts.

b. have natural talent.

c. practise by taking as many photos as you can

d. learn by following the stages of the process.



4. Getting the top photographers to work for you __________.


a.  is a virtually impossible task.

b.  is a good experience.

c. requires tact.

d. is very expensive.



5. Another useful thing you can do is __________.


a. take photos of stars like Penelope Cruz.

b. networking.

c. go to work for a big magazine like Vogue.

d. show the photographers how much you depend on them.


DropDown Activity

Look at these expressions from the text. Choose the correct definition for the words in bold. There are more definitions than you need.

It takes a while to find your feet
There's someone to show you the ropes
Eventually, I got the hang of it
There aren't any shortcuts
Start at the bottom and work your way up
Feel free to jump in
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
That's another story
It's who you know that counts
I'd say ......

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get thinking

Have you ever found yourself in a postion where it took you a time to find your feet? How long did it take you to get the hang of it?

In a new job or place of study you have been to, was there anyone to show you the ropes?

Do you agree that in a job (or just finding one), it's who you know that counts, rather than your abilities?

True-False Question

In the 2nd part of the interview, they talk about ethics in relation to photojournalism. Listen and choose the best answer.

black woman
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Decide if these statements are true or false.                                


Question 1

1. According to Tom, the use of photoshop adds to the pressures on female self-image.

Question 2

2. Fern agrees that there is a major problem with the doctoring of images.

Question 3

3. In Tom’s opinion, journalists need to separate the professional from the personal.

Question 4

4. The subject of one of the famous photos they mention survived his experience.

Question 5

5. Fern thinks the paparazzi do a good job.

Question 6

6. In Fern’s opinion, if a person has sold rights to a photo of themselves to the media, they are a potential objective for every other photographer.

Question 7

7. According to the Categorical Imperative, you can always publish photos, regardless of the subject.

Question 8

8. It’s unacceptable to publish unpleasant pictures in any circumstances, according to Utilitarianism.

get talking

Which of these statements do you agree with? Justify your answer.

1. The subjects of photos should always have the right to veto their publication.

2. Paparazzi should be banned as they serve no useful purpose.

3. Distressing photos such as dead bodies, executions, accidents and the like, should never be allowed either in the press or on TV.