Paco: Who is Paco?

Introduction to the topic

The unit deals with some grammar points you are familiar with, like the present simple and the present continuous tenses, so this unit is a revision of these tenses together with the genitive case, the adverbs of frequency (in contrast with other adverbs) and some vocabulary related to the family and home.

But although it may be difficult for you, read the texts carefully, pay attention to the examples and enjoy doing the exercises in order to learn the English language both in an effective and enjoyable way.


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Reading activity

Who is Paco?

    Paco is a twenty-one-year-old student. Although he is young, he is already a millionaire, thanks to the lottery. However, there are many other aspects about him that you don’t know yet.

   Paco is in his Fourth Year of a degree in World History at the University of Extremadura in Cáceres. He is a brilliant student and he really likes studying the subjects related to his degree, but he finds learning English difficult. But is he dedicating enough time to it? Luckily, yes he is and his English is gradually improving.

    Paco is 1,80 metres tall. He is the tallest in his family. He is brown-haired and quite skinny. He likes sports, basketball and tennis above all. He also likes cinema and pop music. He always wears jeans and t-shirts and he is very fond of leisure wear.

Paco's family

   Paco’s family is quite big: his mother, Isabel, his father, Antonio, a sister and a brother. Antonio is unemployed at the moment. He's 57 years old. Isabel is a teacher and is 2 years younger than her husband. Francisco’s family live in Cáceres. They all live happily in a very comfortable terraced house not too far from the Old Quarter of the city. Paco also has grandparents and a lot of cousins living in different cities and towns in Spain.

   Paco's sister, Sonia, also lives with her parents and she is the youngest in the family- she's only 16.She is in her First Year of Upper Secondary (Bachillerato) in a secondary school in town. She studies hard at school. Her favourite subject is English. She is always dreaming about travelling to the USA.

    Does Paco’s whole family live in the same city? No, they don’t. His brother Carlos doesn’t live in Cáceres. In fact, he lives in Madrid and he works as an engineer. He is six years older than Paco. He sometimes visits his parents and sister at weekends. He can’t visit them too often because he has other important matters on his mind: his girlfriend Susan, an American girl from , who is studying a Master of Arts in Madrid

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Rellenar huecos

Let's see how well you understood the text. Answer the questions below.

1. Write the number of the members of Paco's family in the correct space, their age and profession.

Paco's family
Name Number Age Profession
years old
16 years old
years old
1 years old
years old


2. Write T or F

a. Paco is studying a degree in English History.           

b. Antonio has got 3 sons.                                      

c. Paco's sister wants to visit the USA.                     

d. Paco's brother has an American wife