Descripción de la tarea


You and your partner have a friend, Peter, who is an adrenaline junkie. Every single weekend, Peter goes paragliding, parachuting, bungee jumping or any other extreme sport he can try... He also runs ultramarathons he has to train very hard for. Therefore, he has a very poor social life. He has very little free time apart from risky sports. You and your partner hardly ever see Peter...

Both of you want to see Peter more often and think of ways you could spend more time together. However, you have very different opinions about Peter´s love for risky sports:

Student A thinks Peter is going through a personal crisis because he has just turned 40 and he needs to fill his life with all these risky activities that keep him busy and prevent him from thinking about his crisis and the meaning of life. Risky sports are just a passing fad that he will abandon when he starts feeling better. Student A would advise Peter to do some yoga instead and would gladly organize a yoga session for the three of you. In order to encourage Student B to do yoga, Student A gives some instructions on how to do yoga.

Student B is actually another adrenaline junkie and is very interested in bungee jumping. Student B thinks that Peter genuinely enjoys risky sports because they are a challenge for him and is convinced the more risky activities one practices, the better and stronger one feels. Those activities are tools for personal development. Student B would be eager to organize a bungee jumping session for the three of you. In order to encourage Student A to go bungee jumping, Student B gives some instructions on how to bungee jump.

Have a dialogue about the reasons for Peter's hobbies and try to convince each other about the best way the three of you could spend some time together.

The dialogue should last 4-5 minutes

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Modo de envío

  • Una vez estés preparado/a para hacer la tarea, deberás inscribirte con un compañero/a en el calendario de interacciones de tu aula para ser evaluado por tu profesor/a.
  • Cuando hayas realizado la tarea, debes seguir el procedimiento habitual de entrega: hacer clic en "Agregar tarea" y escribir ahí un mensaje a tu profesor/a avisándole de que ya has hecho la interacción. A continuación procedes a guardar los cambios.