In this topic we are going to see two forms of expressing the future in English: 'will' and ' be going to'. We are going to learn about their form (affirmative, negative and interrogative) and their uses separately and, then, we are going to contrast them.

Finally, we are going to learn two English diphthongs: /aʊ/ and /əʊ/.

Further knowledge

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Reading activity

Paco went to the tourist information office in the morning. Now he has a city map and lots of brochures about Dublin. He wanted to try one of those open deck touristic buses which go around the city showing the most important places of a city, so he bought a ticket for the 10 o'clock tour. 'Fifteen euros is a bit expensive, but it will be fantastic to visit all the main Dublin attractions', Paco thought.

He got on the bus and sat next to a tall blond young man who was sitting on his own. Most of the sits were already occupied. The guide started to talk:

'Welcome to Dublin and to our wonderful Dublin bus tour. You are going to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, home of James Joyce and the music group U2. We are going to see the most important Dublin sites from the bus and I am going to tell you about all of them. Of course, I will answer any question you might have. There are 23 different stops at the most important historic and cultural highlights of the city. Some of them are Trinity College, the National Gallery, the Government Buildings, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Guinness Storehouse, etc. You can get off the bus and join another bus later on as many times as you like, or you can stay with us for the whole tour. It's a bit chilly today, but we have clear skies so, fortunately, it's not going to rain. I think you will enjoy the sightseeing'.


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Identify all the future forms that you can find in the text.

Self-Assessment activity

Read the text again and decide if the following statements are true or false.

Pregunta 1

1. Paco got on the bus and sat on his own.

Pregunta 2

2. James Joyce and the group U2 are some of Dublin's celebrities.

Pregunta 3

3. The guide is going to tell them all about Dublin and the tourists can't interrupt him.

Pregunta 4

4. People can't get off the bus until the end of the tour.

Pregunta 5

5. The guide says it is not going to rain because there aren't any clouds.

Let's learn about the future with 'will' in the next section!